Friday, April 15, 2011

Do What You Wanna Do

This week, I was all set to talk about the Rangers.  I was ready to wax poetic about how marvelously the back end of the rotation has so far surpassed the expectations of all Rangers’ fans and doubters.  I going to fawn all over the offensive display the team has put on to this point.  My Ranger slobber was even going to include a few kind words for the weakest part of the rotation, “Ace” and the No. 2. 
And even though the Rangers suffered what some would consider a debilitating loss with Josh Hamilton going down for about eight weeks, I am still optimistic that, as the old saying goes, “one monkey don’t stop no show.”  The Fightin’ Washingtons can and will find a way to keep on winning.  They are survivors just like their skipper.  And when the baseball world and the so called experts collectively murmur that this will be the Rangers undoing, Ron will use it as motivation for his team.  And I’m absolutely positive they will respond.
Yes, I was all set to begin the first of many weeks gushing over the Rangers, but I found myself sidetracked by the absolutely idiotic ramblings of a radio retard.
Tuesday night while cooking dinner, I switched on the kitchen radio to get the latest news on the Hamilton situation.  Both the AM and the four letter FM stations were doing other programming so I was forced into listening to the ultimate Debbie Downer that is Gavin Dawson on The Fan.
Now I’ve only listened to his show on a few occasions, but normally can last only about two segments due to his proclivity to whine and be generally annoying.  Something is always wrong or not to his liking or he would have done something different due to his omniscience.  And today was no different.
As I tuned in the D-Bag, he started discussing the tragedy that occurred during the Dodgers-Giants Opening Day game where a fan, Bryan Stow, was brutally beaten and is currently in I.C.U. fighting for his life.  Dawson read the interview Stow’s friend gave to a Los Angeles radio show about the events that led up to the altercation in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium. Dawson labeled the “fans” that attacked Stow and his party as criminals, to which I totally agree.  He decried the bystanders who watched the events unfold as worthless as they watched this man get pummeled after a game and then never tried to subdue the men or took the time to at least get a plate number.  To that I also agree and would take it one step further and call them complicit since no one came to their aid.
But then the conversation took a strange turn.  Dawson began focusing on the attire of the victims implying their wearing of their team’s gear contributed to the attack.  He didn’t go flat out and say they deserved it but in my opinion, he got pretty damn close.  His premise was that these fans should have known the area in which they entered and should have refrained from wearing their team’s colors.  It was as if he was saying they were antagonizing the home team and, well anything goes from that point on.
To which I say that is ridiculous. 
If I want to root for another team, I have a right to root for another team.  If I or anyone else for that matter wants to wear something other than the home team’s attire to a venue then so be it.  But we shouldn’t have to hide the things we pay for like punks in a closet just because someone else might not like it. 
I hate the Redskins and the Eagles, like many Cowboys fans do, but I can rib them without beating their ass.  And for Dawson to say that you shouldn’t wear something because someone may take offense to it is truly cowardly.
I don’t care if I go to The Linc or Fedex Field, if I want to wear my Cowboys attire, then I’m going to wear it.  But I’ll be damned if I let a couple of punks deter me from supporting the teams I love to the fullest.  If I pay the price for the ticket, I should be able to cheer or boo at whomever I like without it getting out of hand.  Clearly Stow and his friends were minding their own business and were attacked by some trash whose sole intention was to look for and start trouble.  And they found easy prey in three individuals that had their backs turned when they decided to “man up” and throw punches. 
We all have a right to do what we want, go where we want and like or dislike who we want, this is America.  But to go on a rant like Dawson’s, tuck your sack and sit quietly like a church mouse in “enemy” territory ain’t for me.  And I’m sure there are a lot of others that feel the same way.  
The entire episode was just as tragic as it was sorry and the last thing any of us needs to do is back down to degenerates and let them ruin our good times.  The real fans will be wherever they want to be supporting their teams and understanding that it is a game and when it’s over, it’s over.  There is no need to bash someone’s brains in or curb an opposing team’s fan. 
The real fans will enjoy themselves and their sports—the cowards will be listening to Dawson and the G-Bag Nation. 

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