Saturday, April 2, 2011

Virgin No More

I can finally say I did it.  Numerous times I have been in front of the television watching and fantasizing about what it would be like cheering with all those people.
Year after year, I have wished I could be there sweating, sheering, booing and clapping as I watched my guys gang up on an unsuspecting victim and take them to task.
And finally on April 1, 2011 I was at Opening Day and it was awesome.
For 20 years I have been to numerous Rangers games including the playoffs last year.  But nothing compares to the euphoria felt by being there on the first day of the season.  Everything is just better.  The peanuts, the beer, the hot dogs—it won’t get any better for the rest of the year.
From the salutes to Rangers past to the B-52 flyover at the conclusion of the National Anthem, this was possibly the greatest day of my life, rivaled only by the first football game I ever coached.  And even that is a distant second.
Adding to the day was the tailgating that I thought only happened at the Great American Whorehouse across the street.  I never knew so many people broke out the grills, tents chairs, and kegs on opening day.  It made me a bit envious and jealous that I had never made a game before.  And the cherry on top was that I got to spend it with my favorite aunt.  We ate before the game, during the game and after the game.  I drank before the game, during the game and well after the game leading to a liquor induced coma that lasted well into the morning.  But it was all worth it.
The good thing is I have become a season ticket holder for the first time so I have 80 more games to attend.  Bad thing is I have to wait another year for Opening Day.

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