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Fan Mail

It’ been a while since I’ve gone through the emails and responded to your questions, but to be frank, I just haven’t given a damn.  The Rangers are on a roll, sometimes good however more recently bad, the Cowboys are about to kick off the regular season under new leadership but the same old crappy management and the NBA is still locked out. 
I could really care if the latter really comes back but it would give me another sport to complain about and more athletes to criticize.  But I digress.  Fantasy leagues are back in full swing and the college football season is about to take off.  And with the exception of the Miami Hurricanes, this season should be one to remember.
So without further ado, lemme reach into the ol’ grab bag and see what intelligent questions we got.

-What do you think the Dallas Cowboys chances are this season?  They appear to have a tough schedule with the Jets in week 1, the Pats in week 6 and the rest of the East that seemed to improve while the ‘Boys sat idle.
Milt Thomas, Pantego
They have a chance…a chance to be awful.  They also have a chance to be good but I put that right there with a snowman completing a marathon in Hell.  Look I have said this all along; I am not a big believer in the so-called Red Headed Savior, Jason Garrett.  He comes off to me as another cookie cutter, wannabe coach that, much like Josh McDaniels, wants to be the guy they used to work for and we see how that worked out for McDaniels and the Broncos and the mess they are working with now. 
Garrett wants so bad to be Jimmy Johnson that it makes me wonder why Jerry didn’t ask him to come back to coach.  These days, the Bill Parcells types of coaches don’t last long.  Players tune them out too fast because who are you going to really get rid of—your franchise player or some coach the entire team has stopped listening too regardless of their “toughness.” The Cowboys lack the talent and the front office intelligence the team needs to be successful again.  And it’s going to be a while before they are relevant again—that while being when Jones is in a nursing home or in the ground.
-I read your post on the controversy surrounding Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton and I think the only reason you pick on him is because everyone else is piling on.  He’s a fine young man and should be given the opportunity lead the franchise because he deserves it, not to mention he was a 1st rounder.
Carlos Sepulveda, Plano
Look, I think I’m a decent guy but that doesn’t mean I should just walk in and run a Fortune 500 company just because the boss’ friend likes me.  That is the equivalent of the Tebow situation in Denver.  Yes he was a first rounder, but in the eyes of an imbecile.  An imbecile that ran out Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and then turned around and got rid of the Mike Alstott 2.0 in Peyton Hillis all because he thought he was going to spark a revolution or something in Denver.  I don’t hate Tebow; I just think he is unprepared to be a quarterback at the NFL level.  I don’t have to have played or watch incessant amounts of film to know when a guy has horrible mechanics.  Just because a guy throws one great pass doesn’t mean he should be the starter.  Just because one gives great speeches in college and motivates the team doesn’t mean that will translate to the NFL.  These guys have accomplished their goal and most will make ridiculous amounts of money so having a guy yelling at them up and down the sidelines doesn’t work like it did in college.
If you want to win, and I mean the team and not the fans, you play either Orton or Brady Quinn.  If you want to mount up concussions and lose your football team, you go with Tebow.  Fans aren’t in the locker room after a loss; players are.  Fans don’t take devastating hits for three hours; players do.  Fans don’t work out relentlessly to get better at their craft and earn multi-million dollar contract; players do.  Tebow may be good down the line, but I wouldn’t risk screwing my franchise any more than it already has been.
-Do you think the NBA lockout will go into the regular season and possibly cancel games or do you see this getting resolved relatively quickly?
Trent Broyles, Fort Worth
The short answer is I really could care less.  I am so out on the NBA it is ridiculous.  David Stern has turned the league into glorified streetball where the slightest touch earns star players trips to the free throw line.  The referees have too much power and the same teams suck and have no incentive to get better.  I think the best thing going is if the players do go overseas and get stuck in some of those contracts they cannot get out of because to be honest I’d rather watch the WNBA than the pre-planned WWE-styled garbage we see run out there between November and June.
-The Rangers’ pitching staff has fallen off a cliff making it hard for me to keep watching these games.  I’m afraid the team is going to be in second place after the Angels series and done by the last week of the season.  Should I still have hope?
-Phil Tanner, Waco
Hell yeah you should still have hope!  This is what late season baseball is all about.  Every game means something now and there is no time for complacency from anyone on the team.  We are still in first and just like the Angels this could be the series that galvanizes the team again.  I think when the series is over; the Rangers will be up by four games.  The problem is what they do after the series.  Do they stay hot or do they fall back into a funk against the Rays and Red Sox?  Who knows?  But I’d rather be in a tight race than in no race at all.  What they need is for Sept. 1st to come as quickly as possible so they can get Beltre and Blanco back on the field and Quintanilla can go away and Young can go back to DHing.
   -The Cowboys will lose this year not because of the offensive line or the defense or even coaching.  They will lose because Tony [Romo] is the worst quarterback in the history of the franchise.  You can take that to the bank.
-Starry Lanley, Las Colinas
Again with this?  How in the hell do you keep getting emails in?  I thought I had you blocked.  Even though the Cowboys will be terrible this year it will not be from the QB position.  It will be coaching.  How can a guy that has presided over the offense the last four years all-of-a-sudden be the franchise savior?  It’s akin to asking the fox too watch the hen house because he knows the neighborhood.  When the Cowboys were good offensively, it was because of Garrett.  But when they were bad, and they have been terrible, it has also been under Garrett.  He has made questionable calls and substitutions dating back to when he snaked Wade and took over as head turd.  And as much as I hated the fact that Owens was brought here, he was a weapon and Garrett’s ego couldn’t make it work either.  His play calling is mediocre at best and had Jerry not given him this job or had let other teams really get a chance at him, who would have really had an interest in his services?  No one.
And you can take that to the bank!
-I saw where former Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl claims the NCAA was making an example of him by placing a show-cause penalty on him until 2013.  Did the NCAA go far enough and will this deter others who abuse the rules?
-Jerry Reynolds, Saginaw
I don’t think it went far enough, but it is a good start.  The only way the NCAA cleans up college athletics is by establishing clear, concise, concrete rules across the board and enforcing them to the letter regardless of the institution.  Pearl can still be hired by a school to evaluate talent but cannot contact recruits or actually coach.  As a matter of fact, teams can be penalized for hiring Pearl and any of his former assistants before their bans expire. 
I have said for the longest that coaches should be punished for their transgressions.  Pearl, Jim Tressel, Lane Kiffin and others should have to deal with the consequences of their actions and just not the institution.  I like Randy Shannon, but if the University of Miami should receive the death penalty, Shannon and even Larry Coker should get an equal if not greater fine or penalty.  Every school should be on notice that deviant behavior will not be tolerated and the NCAA should be allowed to become involved with either terminating coaches contracts or “encouraging” them to leave should coaches cross the line.  They are the leaders of men and should be held to higher standards and it’s time they were dealt with accordingly. 

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