Friday, June 3, 2011

Can't Spell Dynasty Without R-E-F-S

Regardless of the outcome of this series, the Mavs can’t win. 
If they win it will be how the Heat lost. But if the Mavs lose they become a trivia question as fans and self-absorbed media alike will undoubtedly fawn all over the Heat and their impending dynasty like stalkers in an open window.
But on their way to their sweep, which they started prematurely with about seven minutes left in the game, a few things happened that had to give them pause.   The Mavs got hot and the Heat got cold.  And in a span of a seven minutes, the Mavs went on a 22-5 run that had the Heat wondering what the hell happened?
But all that aside because the loss will be analyzed and scrutinized until tip off on Sunday, I want to briefly discuss something that I have been worried about from the creation of the super team up until the game last night—calls.
I watched just about all the series the Heat played in and there were so many times I was left scratching my head by the calls the referees either made or didn’t make.  In the Heat-Celtics series, Dwayne Wade starts it off by launching himself into Paul Pierce “attempting” to run through a pick and Pierce gets ejected.  Then later in the series, serial runner-overer Lebron James barrels through Rajon Rondo and there was no call.  Wade then pulls Rondo down onto him and screws up his arm and there isn’t a technical?  Hell after watching the play, I was waiting for the league to impose something but there’s no way in hell they are going to hurt their cash cows.
Then we go to the Bulls series and MVP Derrick Rose was treated like a Euro the way he had calls go against him.  I’ve never seen a superstar treated the way Rose was.  When was the last time you saw a star get   five fouls by the time he got to the fourth quarter, repeatedly?  You don’t. 
So I’ve said all that to say this, will someone tell me what it will take for the league to finally admit there is obvious bias in refereeing?  I know we all know it, but when will Commissioner David Stern finally just come clean and say the game isn’t fixed, but is ever so slightly skewed to the advantage of certain people. 
How in the hell does Tyson Chandler get a foul and Mavs Coach Rick Carlisle receive a technical for his response to the call?  He never cursed at the ref and only voiced his displeasure that there was a non-call on Lebron James when he (James) elbows the hell out of Chandler.  Even Van Gundy said there was no foul language and James should have gotten something for the obvious hit to Chandler’s chest.  Ridiculous. 
But then in the first quarter, Wade goes monkey s*** on the ref and charges him while then running into Chandler right in front of the official gets nothing.  I mean if that wasn’t the easiest technical to call in the world, then I don’t know what is.  Oh yeah, and that freaking flop he did on the last play as if someone hit him.  Really?  No wonder he is always hurt.  He constantly throws himself on the floor and is so out of control it is silly.  Hell most of his “fouls” are due to his out of control style and the refs never see anything.  I was just waiting on him to bitch about not getting that call at the end of the game and I fear the makeup calls that are coming when they come here.
It is impossible for me to comprehend how someone can go through a game and never foul someone, yet every other person not named James, Wade and Bosh will foul out immediately.  Yet on the other hand it seems like the Mavs exceed their quota on fouls in the first quarter, especially Chandler. 
I hope I’m wrong in this but watch the refereeing over the course of the rest of the series.  The first game will here will measure the climate and calls in the rest of the series.  Let’s just hope they allow the game to be played and they not affect the outcome. 

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